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With over 30 years of performing experience, Orion has performed for many kinds of events covering a wide range of venues.  The magic is always geared to the occasion, place and audience for which he is performing.  Whatever the event, Orion is the perfect magician.






Any event that has clients standing or sitting at a table, is perfect for this kind of magic as it is performed up close and personal.  Functions like cocktail parties, dinners or street events allow you to come as close as you want with the magic often happening in YOUR hands.




This theatrical type of magic is performed on stage for larger groups.  Music, drama, comedy, suspense, all combine to create a dynamic performance that leaves the audience spellbound.





Everyone wants to perform some kind of magic.  Learning a trick is easy, performing it is not.  Orion not only teaches magic with everyday objects, but teaches how to present the magic in front on an audience.  Techniques on speech, body language, and audience engagement are learned alongside learning easy to do magic tricks.  Even if you don’t become a magician, the skills learned will stay with you and can be used in any presentation you make in the future.





We are a visual society so finding a memorable way to have people remember a product, idea or to just be motivated is sometimes difficult.  Magic is a great way to bring your content across.  As a visual aid, magic adds excitement, variety, enjoyment, and people remember more when they are interested in what they are seeing.  Using magic is an exciting way to accomplish what you are aiming for.