Toronto Magician

Profile ImageRyan Neary, known as Orion, grew up in Vaughan Ontario and comes from an entertainment background. His grandfather was a recording artist on Parlaphone Records in France. His grandmother was one of the John Tiller girls from England. His mother w as part of a singing group comprising two of her sisters known as The Foster Sisters. They entertained in clubs and company events in Quebec, Ontario, and the United States. His father was a professional magician who started his magical career at age 8 on the stage in Blackpool, England. As well as growing up backstage from when he was a baby, he became interested in not only the world of magic, but also the art of magic. At the age of three he got his first magic kit, and started performing shows right away.

Orion saw his first live magic performance featuring George Kovari known as The Great Kovari in the pantomime ‘Dick Wittington and his Cat’ at the Royal Alexadera Theatre in Toronto Ontario at the age of 4. Not only did Orion get to see the magic but had the opportunity to go backstage and have dinner with the entire cast. This was the world Orion wanted to be a part of so he started studying by reading and practicing daily. He began performing for the public at the age of 8 years old. He Graduated from the Chavez school of magic of California and received the AIMC magic degree from the Magic Circle of London England. The requests for him to perform for companies, festivals, and special events increased. After graduating from college in 1998 he became a full time professional magician. Since that time he has performed for the Deputy Counsel General of the People’s Republic of China, the Governor General of Canada and many large corporations such as Bombardier, I.B.M, Toshiba and worked Magic Bars in Japan as the house magician. In performance, Orion always strives to create the best possible magic for his audience so that they can share this special wonder of the impossible. When this happens, everybody becomes part of a world that embraces that special feeling which encompasses the full spectrum of entertainment that a magical performance can give.